What is FAMA?

Our Mission

To promote understanding, respect, prayer, interaction and unity among the diverse faiths in the greater Atlanta region, and to advance the influence of voices of the faith communities for the common good.


Our Goals

  • Advocacy and Action

To be a unified and coordinated, ethical force for justice and the common good through hands-on engagement with critical issues of our time, including food and housing security.

  • Communal Prayer

To foster interfaith and multi-faith occasions for prayer, meditation, and celebration among the region’s religious communities.

  • Education on Religion

To encourage and provide opportunities for learning about the rituals of prayer, worship and meditation, and about the values and beliefs of the region’s various religious traditions. To find an event, please visit the metro Atlanta Interfaith Calendar. In addition, upon request, we provide trained pranelista to present at a variety of venue areas through our Interfaith Speakers Network of Atlanta.

  • Dialogue

To organize and promote thoughtful multi-faith and interfaith dialogue concerning important issues of the day. To organize multi-faith dialogue sessions on extensions of meeting and topical issues.

  • Cooperation and Networking

To stimulate and foster cooperation between people and groups actively engaged in religious and inter-religious work.

Some of our partners include: Interfaith Community Initiatives, Interfaith Children’s Movement, Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta, Compassionate Atlanta, and EcoAddendum.