Chris RayAlexander, Board Member

Dr. Christopher RayAlexander claims Texas and Louisiana as his home states, but he now resides in Decatur, GA with his wife, Abby, their baby boy, Theo, and an orange tabby cat named Jean-Philippe. His ongoing spiritual pilgrimage has been enormously enriched by engagement with many different faith traditions. While attending First Congregational Church of Atlanta UCC and pursuing ordination in the United Church of Christ, he also maintains an eclectic devotional practice rooted in Zen meditation and reflection on the sacred scriptures of several different faiths. After teaching as a Spanish professor for over a decade in higher education, he followed a call to service that led him to embrace his passion for providing interfaith education and fostering mutual solidarity between different faith communities. He graduated from the Candler School of Theology in May 2023, and he now works as the Program Coordinator for Interfaith Children’s Movement. He cofounded Interfaith Atlanta's youth program, Interfaith Atlanta Youth, and a member of the Interfaith America Emerging Leaders Network. His primary motivation is to build religious and cultural literacy and share skills for cultivating intercultural, interfaith, and interlinguistic competencies. In his free time, he partners with Abby to translate the speculative realist philosophical works of French metaphysician Tristan Garcia.

  • Christian (UCC)/Spiritually Fluid