COVID-19 Statement

To Our Dear Community,

It is with great humility that the board of directors of Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta offers words of hope and encouragement during these troubling and uncertain times. 

Our hearts are heavy over the spread and rising death toll from the COVID-19 virus. We hope and pray that precautionary measures will minimize and prevent more tragedies.  

We urge people of all faith traditions and spiritual paths to reach out to others, both within and outside of your communities, to offer support and compassion. 

While we insist you follow prudent physical distancing from others, we urge you to engage in healthy social interaction. A phone call, text or other greeting offered at a safe distance or on social media may be all that’s needed to lift another’s spirits. We also urge you to seek and share liturgical sources (i.e. internet-based websites and links) that provide spiritually uplifting culturally engaging, arts and nature-oriented material.

We also wish you strength, love and patience and hope you, too, will seek help when you need it.

This is truly a time when the biblical question: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” requires a resounding “yes.” 

Kindest Regards,  

Your FAMA Board