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Every Second Sunday; 6:30 – 8:00 pm ET
Religious and spiritual teachings and wisdom have proven to us that contemplative practice can provide powerful pathways to awareness, compassion, love, and “oneness”. Centering prayer, meditation, mindfulness, and “Lectio Divina” are just a few of the contemplative practices embraced by today’s mainstream traditions. These, along with other practices, allow us to open our hearts to self and to each other.

Zeitgeist’s Interspiritual Contemplative Group creates an environment where persons of various faiths (or none) can gather monthly for contemplative practice and community building. Our group is purposefully designed to focus on personal experience and inter-personal relationships rather than institutionalized theology and doctrine. We begin our gathering in contemplative practice with 20 minutes of silence. We then engage in discussion on the personal spirituality of our participants, or a topic that allows us to share experiences from each other’s faith. Group facilitators gently guide discussions to ensure all voices are heard. The rich dialogue that ensues fosters interfaith/interspiritual friendship, understanding and growth. All this goodwill in 90 minutes!  
During pandemic conditions, this group meets online. Contact Steve Gold for more information: or 770 270 8290
When in -person groups resume, we’ll be at the location below. 
When in person meetings are safe, we will resume at Amerson House, in Atlanta on the second Sunday of every month, . Facilitators are Warren Jones, Debonee Morgan, Gregg Carlson, and Steve Gold.

​Amerson House is on the grounds of
St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, Atlanta
1790 LaVista Road NE
Atlanta, GA  30329
Turn into the main entrance of St. Bartholomew’s of LaVista, drive past the main church building to the end of the parking lot and make a left. Please note: Amerson House is NOT the white building that you will first see in front of you. It is a grayish green building with red front double doors to the left of the white building. ​