Support Interfaith Atlanta

Interfaith Atlanta (IA), formerly Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta, provides experiences that are at once educational, intellectually intriguing, and emotionally splendid.

You can support Interfaith Atlanta as either an individual or as an institution.

Our supporters are dedicated to sustaining the preeminent interfaith organization operating within metro Atlanta.

Founded in 2001 originally as FAMA, Interfaith Atlanta now has an impressive track record of interfaith programming, educational and social justice initiatives, and, springing forward from these, an array of relationships formed and deepened through these events and meetings.

How Can I Help?

  • Be an interfaith spokesperson in my faith community
  • Initiate World Religions class in my faith community
  • Invite people of other faiths to Interfaith Atlanta events
  • Help with Interfaith Atlanta’s administration
  • Attend Interfaith Atlanta events
  • Participate on a Interfaith Atlanta committee
  • Share my ideas for promoting interfaith harmony in Atlanta
  • Become a Donor and make contributions to help continue the mission and goals for which Interfaith Atlanta strives.