IA Board

The Interfaith Atlanta, formerly FAMA, board and various committees are comprised of individuals, worship communities and social justice organizations who believe we can build a better world, together. We are people determined to create that better world — a world of compassion and justice for all — by living the tenets of our faith and spiritual traditions. We are people who engage in respectful dialogue and in community initiatives by working collectively and collaboratively with others who also seek to create a more sustainable, loving world.

Our Board Members

Sima Abadhi (Sufism)

Albina Bhimani (Shi’a Ismaili Muslim)

Nuri Daya (Shi’a Ismaili Muslim)

Kat Doyle (Archdiocese of Atlanta)

Yssis El (Moorish Science Temple of America)

Mike Holmes (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Saubhav Kapoor (Hindu)

Nafeesah Madyun (Atlanta Masjid)

Rena Marroquin (Covenant Presbyterian Church)

Valerie Morvan (Shambhala Meditation Center of Atlanta)

Rabbi Ellen Nemhauser (Temple Sinai)

Aseelah Rashid (Muslim Mix and Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam)

David Schoenberg (Judaism)

Ambreen Sohani (Shi’a Ismaili Muslim)

Rev. Jill Ulrici (Christianity)

Gareth Young (Red Clay Sangha)